Soft Skills for Employability from Academics Perspectives


  • Norshima binti Zainal Shah National Defence University of Malaysia
  • Nur Syafiqah binti Ab Aziz National Defence University of Malaysia
  • Belinda Marie Balraj National Defence University of Malaysia



critical thinking, soft skills, affective domain, graduates’ employability, higher education institution


Critical Thinking skills sum up the proficiencies needed for employment. Critical Thinking skills especially Soft skills are identified as a job barrier in Malaysia. Employers assert that our graduates lack Soft skills, thus in 2006, the Malaysian government introduces and encourages the use of Soft skills, which include communication skills, problem-solving and thinking skills, continuous learning skills and information management skills, work in group skills, leadership skills, entrepreneurship skills, and professional ethics. This study focuses on the Soft skills for graduates’ employability through three objectives: to investigate the Soft skills needed by graduates, to determine whether graduates have the soft skills required for employment and whether these skills are being taught at university. The research methodology consists of a survey aimed at lecturers at the Language Centre, National Defence University of Malaysia, using a mixed-method approach. The online survey contains both closed and open-ended questions and is analyzed using SPSS v.25.0 and manual content analysis. Results indicate that the most desired Soft skills are Communication Skills, Problem Solving and Thinking Skills, and Teamwork Skills. Lecturers agree that graduates must be equipped with the Soft skills needed for employment and they perceive that these skills are taught at the university. The lecturers agree on the importance of Soft skills, and this is supported by the overall findings. This research suggests that higher educational institutions should teach Soft skills either through a course specifically for Soft skills or integrated into courses designed to meet employers’ needs.





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Zainal Shah, N. binti, Ab Aziz , N. S. binti ., & Marie Balraj, B. . (2022). Soft Skills for Employability from Academics Perspectives. Journal of Advances in Humanities Research, 1(3), 16–36.