Editorial Team

Dr. Shakir Ullah, Ph.D in Cultural Anthropology

Associate Editor
Ahdi Hassan
Global Institute for Research Education & Scholarship: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Editorial Board

Dr Usman Khan
Ph.D in Cultural Anthropology, School of oriental and African studies (SOAS), Xian International Studies University China

Prof. Dr Yuriy Shvets
Ph.D in Economics, Financial University under the Government of Russian Federation

Prof. Dr Carmen Lúcia Guimarães de Mattos
Ph.D in Education, University of Pennsylvania
CEO PRISMAS, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Prof. Dr Khalil Ur Rahman
Ph.D in Sociology, Department of Sociology, Hazara University Mansehra Pakistan

Prof. Dr Kamal Pasa
Ph.D in Cultural Anthropology, Department of anthropology University of Rajshahi, Bangladesh

Dr. Sabbar Dahham Sabbar
Ph.D in Islamic Finance, Faculty of Economi and Business, Hasanddin University (UNHAS), Indonesia

Dr. Tahir Jahan Khan
Ph.D in Applied Linguistic, National College of Business Administration and Economics (NCBA&E) Lahore, Pakistan

Dr. Giulio Ongaro
Ph.D in Medical Anthropology, London School of Economics (LSE), United Kingdom/Southern University of Science and Technology

Dr. Ayesha Habib Khan
Ph.D in Cultural Anthropology, The University of Azad Jammu & Kashmir

Dr. Samia Awad Mohamed  Hassan
PhD in Legal Studies, Prince Mohammad  Bin Fahd University, Saudi Arab

Dr. Muhammad Suliman
Ph.D in Sociology, Department of Sociology, Selcuk University, Turkey

Dr Qasim Jan
Ph.D in Education, School of Education, Zhejiang Normal University, China

Prof. Dr Madhurima Dasgupta
Ph.D in Sociology, School of Management and Social Sciences, The Neotia University, West Bengal, India

Dr. Dandan Tang
PhD in Child Education, Faculty of Teacher Education, Lishui University, Lishui city, 323000, Zhejiang province, China

Dr. Song Pu
Phd in Education Technology, Department of Preschool and Early Education, Guiyang Preschool Education College, Guiyang, China
Dr. Takaharu Oda
Ph.D in Philosophy, Southern University of Science and Technology